Florida Butterfly Garden

Make A Butterfly Garden Part Of Your Residential Landscaping

At Landscape By Design, we offer many different kinds of landscaping design services including xeriscaping, sod installation and plant placement. However, have you ever thought about adding a Florida butterfly garden to help beautify your home’s outdoor space?

We can help install plants that are specifically designed to attract butterflies. After we get done, you will not only have a beautiful floral garden, but you are almost guaranteed to have a garden full of gorgeous butterflies.

Landscape By Design Florida Butterfly Garden

What Are The Best Plants For A Florida Butterfly Garden?

There are several different kinds of flowering plants that attract butterflies. In many cases, there are specific plants that will attract a specific species of butterfly. Below are a few examples.

  • Thryallis is a very low maintenance plant that has a bright yellow flower and blooms all year. They do well in Florida during the wet storm seasons and are also drought tolerant. Growing up to 6 feet tall, they are an ideal must have in a Florida butterfly garden.
  • Butterflies love Plumbago as it serves as a primary food source for larval butterflies. Plumbago is a fast growing plant, strong and resilient.
  • Agapanthus is a flowering plant that blooms in beautiful clusters of white, pink or blue. Ideally planted in groups, these flowers grow quickly and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The best Florida butterfly garden will surely include several agapanthus.
  • The Mexican Blue Bell Ruellia, also known as the Mexican petunia, is incredibly drought tolerant and has blooms of bright blue and purple flowers daily. It is ideal for attracting Viceroy butterflies, which are a gorgeous cousin to the Monarch.
  • If you have a large space for your butterfly garden, then you may consider the Tabebuia, which is a drought tolerant tree that can grow up to 25 feet tall. The tree acts as a host to many species of butterfly during mating season and attracts hummingbirds and mockingbirds, as well.
  • Lantanas offer stunning multi-color blooms and can take the Florida heat like no other. This flower requires little care and smells amazing, attracting butterflies from miles away.

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