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Expert Residential and Commercial Landscape Design Services In St. Petersburg and Throughout Tampa Bay.

Whether you have a larger property or a smaller yard, a well planned landscape design can transform your outdoor space into one that you can be proud of and enjoy. Our landscape designers are familiar with the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay areas and understand the right plantings for this area.

No matter whether you are looking for sod installation, a drought friendly landscape or xeriscaping, creating a landscape design plan from the start can help you understand what the final results will look like instead of just sticking things in the ground at random.

By having a plan in place your trees, shrubs, flowers and other plantings will grow and bloom according to your plan. You’ll have a watering plan in place that works for your landscaping and you will be sure that the plants you have selected will be ideal for the particular climate here in Pinellas County.

Having a landscape design plan in place also gives you the ability to set a realistic budget for your project in advance. The plan we create for you allows you the flexibility to plant everything at once or a little at a time.

What Is The Landscape Design Process?

When you contact us, we will set up a meeting whereby we will walk your property with you and learn more about your vision and landscaping needs. We will take measurements of the property along with photos and prepare an initial design.

Every plan is a bit different, but on average, it may take around 7 to 10 days to get back to our customers with a design plan. We ask that you, as our customer, are patient during the planning phase as each landscape design we produce is carefully thought out according to what approach will work best for your property.

As your landscape designers we take account of lighting and soil types. So, a successful landscape design takes some time to consider not only all the specific botanical details of your plan, but also the aesthetics that will make you proud to show off your beautiful new property.

Landscape By Design Landscape Design Plan
Creating a landscape design plan from the start can help you understand what the final results will look like before you start planting.

What Is Your Landscape Design Experience?

We have over 20 years experience in landscape design. We are a Florida certified horticulture professional landscape design company. At Landscape By Design we stay up to date on landscaping issues and are prepared to respond as needed for all our customers. We stay connected with local nurseries in the area to ensure that our landscaping clients have immediate access to the best planting materials to ensure a long lasting and gorgeous landscape design.

Small Landscaping Plans

When we finish a plan, we will send you a detailed list of plants, their names, along with costs for products and labor. If you have any questions or changes, we will work with you at this time to meet your particular needs and budget.

Homeowner’s Associations and Large Plans

Large scale plans and those requiring HOA approval are often much more time intensive. We will be prepared to work with you on details and changes needed to meet HOA requirements. In most cases we will assemble a plant list and construction details along with a visual outline for the project. Depending on the size of the project, a nominal fee may be charged to accommodate the extra time needed to prepare one of these plans.

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To get started call our landscape design team today at (727) 458-0229 or contact us through our website here. Our consultations are free and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how affordable working with a professional landscape designer can be. We offer complete residential and commercial landscaping services and are here to serve. Call us today.

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The work was on time and on budget. You offered creative ideas and incorporated them into the overall scheme of the project. I appreciate the prompt attention given by your company....
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