Mulch Installation

St. Petersburg Mulch Installation and Delivery

At Landscape By Design, we are your mulch installation experts. We provide mulch in bulk for all your landscaping needs in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas.

Mulch is an ideal and attractive way to fill in planting beds, line your walkways and provide landscaping aesthetics where grass simply won’t grow.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is simply a layer of organic material that is laid out and spread in a layer over your soil. This material can be made out of anything, but typically it consists of ground up plant and tree materials. Our clients use it for a variety of purposes including lining garden beds, lining walkways or simply to change the appearance of their yard.

While you can buy mulch by the bag at the hardware store. That can get expensive for large landscaping projects. For our mulch installation projects, we typically have it delivered in bulk at a much cheaper rate.

Landscape By Design St. Petersburg Mulch Installation

What Is Mulch Used For?

Mulch installation can provide a nice look for your yard and landscape. However, here in Florida, that is not its only purpose.

  • Mulch helps control weeds – A layer of mulch blocks out the sun, which prevents unwanted weed growth without having to use herbicides.
  • Mulch insulates the soil – Florida’s weather is extreme, especially in the summer. A layer of mulch can help protect plants by keeping in the right amount of heat and keeping out extra heat that may harm plants.
  • Mulch helps keep soil moist – When it rains or the sprinklers run, water trickles down through the soil to the roots of the plants. Mulch helps to keep that moisture in by blocking the sun and preventing evaporation.
  • Mulch helps prevent erosion – Florida’s intense thunderstorms can often wash away top soil, causing a loss of nutrients and harming plants. A thick mulch installation can help secure soil in place and can help keep plants safe and healthy.

What Type Of Mulch Do I Need?

When it comes to your landscaping projects, using the correct mulch for your mulch installation can be critical. There are several different kinds to meet your needs.

Shredded Wood Mulch

Wood mulch installation comes in a variety of styles such as pine bark, which are larger wood chips. There is also dark chocolate mulch and red mulch, which are essentially the same thing but colored for aesthetic appearances. When we order wood mulch in bulk, it typically comes in it’s natural state. However, we may opt for one of the colored mulches, especially if an HOA requires it.

Grass Clippings For Mulch

We can use our grass clippings as a way to re-fertilize your lawn after it has been mowed. If you have a vegetable garden, grass clippings are a great way to provide a nitrogen rich mulch for growing your food based plants. If you have a vegetable garden, let us know if you would like us to save the clippings for you.

Pine Straw and Hay Mulch

Straw mulch installation is mostly used for vegetable and flower gardens. It makes an ideal component to a healthy Florida butterfly garden. A nice layer of pine straw not only looks clean, but it is excellent at retaining moisture and as it breaks down, it provides the best organic nutrients for your plants.

Your St. Petersburg, FL Mulch Installation Service

Hiring a professional company like Landscape By Design to deliver and install your mulch saves you time, money and the back breaking work of doing it yourself. We work with several nurseries in the area and can offer your mulch installation on the spot. Call us today at 727-458-0229 to discuss your landscape design plans or contact us on our website here. We look forward to serving you.

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When a problem was noted, they listened to my concerns and resolved the issue quickly. All the staff and workers I met were friendly and professional. Marcy C. , St. Pete, FL
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The work was on time and on budget. You offered creative ideas and incorporated them into the overall scheme of the project. I appreciate the prompt attention given by your company....
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