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Is It Better To Grow Grass From Seed or Install Sod In Your Yard?

Years ago homeowners would grow grass from seeds before the popularity of sod installation took over. However, growing a lawn from seeds takes an enormous amount of time, not to mention that grass seeds are susceptible to the extreme Florida heat and overwatering issues. In order to get the best results, grass seeds have to be planted at exactly the correct time and then carefully monitored as they can still be destroyed by birds and pests.

What Is Sod?

Sod is actually grass grown from seed but has already germinated and taken hold in a thin layer of soil. Because sod is already established grass, it is going to be the ideal choice for getting a beautiful new lawn quickly. Once the installation of the new grass has taken place, it will take root in the new soil and begin to grow with very few pests or weeds to deal with.

At Landscape By Design we only source professionally grown grass that has been properly fertilized and cared for. This provides you with grass that has a healthy root development and a dense lush lawn for years to come.

Landscape By Design Sod Installation St. Petersburg, FL
Landscape By Design provides sod installation services to homeowners including sod removal as well as installation.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Sod Lawn?

Sod installation is great for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Your new lawn can be walked on just 2 to 4 weeks after sod installation has taken place
  • Since sod is properly fertilized and established grass, it requires less water than trying to grow grass from seed.
  • You don’t have to wait for the grass to grow. You’ll have a beautiful new lawn instantly.
  • Lawns grown from seeds have to constantly be reseeded to ensure proper coverage and even growth. With sod installation, you don’t have to worry about that.

Pinellas County Sod Installation Experts

Landscape By Design provides sod installation services to homeowners including sod removal as well as installation. We can help provide maintenance and knowledge for optimal after care to help you maintain lush gorgeous grass.

Free Sod Installation Consult

Our expert landscape design team will take time to inspect your property and determine what needs to be replaced and what can be repaired. We have experience with many types of sod lawn projects including residential home lawn repairs, community installations and commercial property maintenance.

Organic Yard Preparation

Before your sod can be installed, we have to prepare the area for installation. We remove any previous unrepairable grass, along with weeds and dig down to remove the roots. We do this without the use of any herbicides or other dangerous chemicals. Lastly, we smooth out the dirt so it is ready for a easy transition to the sod.

Yard Maintenance

After the sod has been installed and your grass is starting to take root, we will follow up to keep a close eye on the progress to ensure you are satisfied with the work. We usually schedule a follow up inspection whether we install sod, shrubs, trees or other landscape design applications.

Call The Sod Installation Professionals Today

At Landscape By Design we take pride in the work we provide our clients. Whether we are installing plants or installation a new sod lawn, we want to make sure you get the end result your are looking for. Call us at (727) 458-0229 today and schedule a free consultation for your lawn project or contact us through the website here. We are ready to serve all your landscaping needs.

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